New Character Concept – Maid Sara

Thanks to our Patreon supporter maid Sara, we now have a new character concept – Maid Sara 😀

We’ve taken what maid Sara has come up with and begun creating this new character. Thanks maid Sara – and everyone else that considered / offered advice and feedback. Looking forward to animating our new character and programming her adventures at ‘The Fortress’

Currently we have the following downloadable ALPHAs that you can play for Patreon Supporters (as well as other exclusive content):
Cunnilingus Mini-Game
Orgasm Control Mini-Game

Don’t forget to share our story. The more supporters and enthusiasts we can reach, the quicker and better we can make our early access content.

What would you like for Christmas this year?

Cast your votes!

We’re taking a poll on what playable scene / visualisation we should put out for you guys – for something different. Make your choice or send us a message with your preference (if it’s not an option here).

Options are:

  1. POV foursome with Jenny, Subrina and Mistress Tracy
  2. POV foursome with Jenny, Subrina and Mistress Tracy in VR
  3. Threesome with Jenny, Subrina and Mistress Tracy
  4. None of the above

This poll is open to Patreon subscribers from November 28th. It will be open to the public on December 07 – If you want to see your bondage cyoa idea come to life, don’t be afraid to ask. Join our forum or send us a comment or private message or email.

Early ALPHA Mini-Game – Orgasm Control

Hi ladies and gents – Patreon Supporters now have the link to the first orgasm control mini-game ALPHA – instructions included on screen, just press the ‘i’ key to cycle through them and turn them off / on.

This one features Subrina – tasked with surviving 30 rounds of orgasm denial. Will you make it?

These mini-games are not also fun but will inform how our lesbian cyoa lesbian bondage RPG will play out. Learn new skills, positions, train your attitude and train your slave to the standard you want – and in what you like.

Weekly Performance Review

Time for the weekly performance review. Who was punished on the weekend of 24th / 25th November? Our Patreons were able to vote and decide. The winning votes got more screenshots with their category.


For some of the consequences, see


Balancing on Extreme High-Heels

One of the game mechanics we are going to introduce is a way to make Subrina move faster than the normal walk – however, balancing on extreme high-heels becomes more difficult the longer you do it and the quicker you’re moving. 
This introduces the risk of tripping, but also hurting Subrinas ankle and create a performance penalty. What do we all think? Cast your vote on Patreon – now open to the public

Cunnilingus Mini-Game – ALPHA Download

Hi Guys, the Cunnilingus Min-Game very early ALPHA is available to Patreon Supporters. More polish to come, this is just the tutorial and mechanics introduction. On-screen instructions are provided, however don’t expect to very good – don’t forget, Subrina is new at this and her RPG stats will affect how well she performs.

Extract the zip file and run the Fortress.exe to get started

To reset, press R – to exit, Press the Escape key

As always, any feedback would be most welcome, just remember that we are still working on this one. Any issues or bugs, feel free to message us and we will reply ASAP.

Thanks To All Of Our New Members!

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