Concept Art – Comic Page 4 of 6 – Lesbian Slave Art

Here’s page Four from the ‘Performance Review‘ lesbian hentai series. There are two more to go! Check out the earlier post for the first two pages. We’re looking for people that can fill in what Tracy and Subrina would be saying – so we can recruit them to help with the in-game dialogue! We love lesbian slave art of all kinds, be it visual or written fiction.

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Subrinas Lesbian Slave Blog

One of Subrinas (and therefore the players) tasks will be to write in her lesbian slave blog / journal.

This is how she will remember positions, improve her stats like pain tolerance and orgasm control and so on. She will not only receive lesbian slave training from her Mistress and others, but will also be able to practice skills in her spare time – if she has earned some.

Stay tuned for further updates as we are very close to releasing a playable ‘Office Bitch’ ALPHA tutorial where Subrina is dominated by Mistress Tracy first thing in the morning. Will she be a better slave today and please her Mistress this time? That’s up to our ALPHA testers

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Public Playable Mini-Game ALPHA 0.1

We’ve released our downloadable Cunnilingus mini-game for our Patreon tier supporters. These are very early stages of the mini-game. We’re not going to tell you Mistress Tracy’s pattern(s) just yet. See if you can figure it out. For the moment, the contactable positions are marked as cubes and light up green when triggered. This will likely be hidden in later releases for better realism / more challenge. There are also plenty of sound queues to indicate success / failure.

We’ve also been working on a playable tutorial that will soon be released as well (in the next week or so) that will include this mini-game and others so stay in touch and sign up if you want access to the download link etc.

Subrina’s POV Mode
3rd Person (Detached / Obedience view)

There will be a number of elements covered in the ALPHA tutorial like:

  • Conversation Mechanics
  • Movement and Controls (change positions, worship Mistress etc)
  • Sabrina’s status effects like ‘ Uncontrollably Horny’
  • Basics in Mistress interaction / management

“Yes Mistress!” – Be on Your Toes – NSFW RPG

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A big part of any relationship is good and constant communication – in our case, Mistress likes it when Subrina responds like a good submissive slave.

A new game mechanic we are introducing is the ability for the player to ‘respond’ to commands, comments and so on in a timely manner – failing to do it correctly might have some consequences, depending on the circumstances!

You will have to be strategic about it – it’s not just about being quick. How do you think your Mistress would feel if she heard you reply to someone else as ‘Mistress’? Some people at The Fortress can get a little jealous. Might be worth to take a nasty slap from someone (or worse) rather than risk ruining your more meaningful, long term relationship.

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Merry Christmas From ‘The Fortress’

Merry Christmas everyone!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a quiet period at the office with most of our clients either away or closed for the break. What does that mean? Many more progress updates coming soon, and some playable ALPHAs will be released to our Patreon subscribers in early January.

“Merry Christmas, Mistress Lynnette.”

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