Early ALPHA Playtests: mini-games

Hi everyone, the links to the cunnilingus and orgasm control early ALPHA downloads will be shared on the 17th of December for Cupboard Slaves membersfree to sign up, then offer your ideas and feedback. Same weekend as the playable scenario for Patreon Supporters – https://www.patreon.com/posts/see-fortress-23160238 

Weekly Performance Review – Subrinas Punishment mini-game ALPHA may be released for Christmas, if you’re good.

These were already released to Patreon Supporters a while ago – more mini-games and playable scenarios will be released there in 2018, but not going public for some time – maybe ever, depending on what our fans decide.

Cunnilings Mini-Game Early ALPHA
Orgasm Control Mini-Game Early ALPHA
Extreme Restrains – Subrinas Punishment Mini-Game Early ALPHA

See the Fortress from Subrinas Perspective

Next to be released as a playable mini-game will be a little story section, played from Subrinas point of view (in 1st person)

By sneaking around to Mistress Tracys workstation and playing with the vibrator settings, someone might just ‘come early’ this year.

Slave Jenny has been struggling to keep up with her Mistress demands since day 1 – about 12 months ago when she was designated the first ever slave and office bitch at The Fortress. It might not take much more for Mistress’ patience to run out completely – looks like there are many new, more attractive potential candidates. What will happen to her?

Subrina’s choices and actions (therefore yours) can have a significant impact on Mistress / slave relationships. Play through this one to see a few examples.

Expected release date is Friday – 14th December for Patreon Supporters

New Mini-Game Poll – ODC

A new mini-game idea is coming where Subrina and slave jenny have to compete against each other …
‘Which Slave Fails First’ – Orgasm Denial Cunnilingus. There will be a slave and a denier – the slaves objective is not to come unless they are allowed to, and the denier must do their best to make the slave fail and orgasm without permission. Which one should be the denier in the first release? Subrina or slave jenny?

What should Subrina do? Make the choice.

For the video, Click Here / Log in

On the way to Mistress Tracys office, Subrina finds something interesting. It’s slave jenny participating in some Christmas Forniphilia.

Looks like she’s been there for a while …

She ignores Subrina and looks straight ahead, her calves trembling uncontrollably.

Subrina remembers her session from last night … if it wasn’t for jenny then she might have been spared that lesson. – Playable Mini-Game ALPHA

Suddenly jenny loses her balance and drops most of the decorations and the lights. There’s no way for her to get back up without Mistress aid, and she’s clearly ordered to remain where she is. What should Subrina do here?


Supporters Poll is Open – going public 6th Dec

If you would like to participate in the development of this bondage lesbian RPG, then feel free to do so! We welcome any enthusiasts or participants to come and join in. There are currently 2 main options:

If you’d rather not do either of those, then feel free to get in touch via email instead admin@cupboardslaves.com

Performance Review – Results

Unfortunately for Subrina, as per the Weekly Performance Review Poll she was voted by our fans to have not performed well enough. As a result, we have made a BDSM restraint / gag mini-game to teach her a lesson. Because why would you just have just screenshots when you can have a playable scenario – from any angle you like, and do what you like to Subrina?

Download is now available here for eligible supporters.

Screen recording of play footage here

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New Character Concept – Maid Sara

Thanks to our Patreon supporter maid Sara, we now have a new character concept – Maid Sara 😀

We’ve taken what maid Sara has come up with and begun creating this new character. Thanks maid Sara – and everyone else that considered / offered advice and feedback. Looking forward to animating our new character and programming her adventures at ‘The Fortress’

Currently we have the following downloadable ALPHAs that you can play for Patreon Supporters (as well as other exclusive content):
Cunnilingus Mini-Game
Orgasm Control Mini-Game

Don’t forget to share our story. The more supporters and enthusiasts we can reach, the quicker and better we can make our early access content.