Subrina – Player Character (slave)

Bio – Background and: What Got Subrina into The Fortress

Subrina is a 25 year old social science graduate with a quick tongue and quick temper. She’s worked in coffee shops and bars while completing her degree that she chose because ever since she was young she has wanted to travel the world and serve other people. Her parents are a typical upper-middle class parents that are relatively well off and he has a good relationship with both of them. She went to a private school but lived at home, where her upbringing was very traditional and uneventful.

What will you have Subrina say?

She’s dated older and younger guys but discovered sooner or later that she had not gotten the emotional or sexual stimulation she needs from any of them. They all treated her very well – she felt uncomfortable with that. Subrina always felt increasingly insecure in those relationships. Avoiding the pressure and responsibility of instigating a breakup, she would deliberately behave and treat her partners badly until they left her.

Subrina noticed that part was the most exciting. She started behaving in ways that caused her partners to become upset or angry, just to get that kind of attention – which she craved more and more. This quickly became the favourite part of the relationship and Subrina began to protract the breakups where she could by acting, dressing and speaking in more seductive ways. To get rid of the last boyfriend she had, Subrina passionately kissed a girl in a large crowd of his friends, in effect saying that she is over him. Something about that experience felt to Subrina like she discovered a whole new set of feelings – almost like she woke up.

Recently Subrina met Tracy Stanwell – who’s overwhelming presence, power and wealth stirred something inside Subrina – she felt instantly attracted to the woman in a way she’d never felt and has been able to think of little else since. Will this be a crush or will it turn into a long-term relationship?

That’s up to you – there are lots of men and women that may be a better fit for Subrina so come and help her decide.

In Distress


Overall Subrina is very indecisive and likes to avoid stress by shifting decision making onto others, and is quick to become upset if others do not understand her deep desires – despite herself not acting or speaking about them our of fear and embarrassment that she would be judged harshly for having them.


Optional Office Attire
Subrina Concept Art 01 2017


Making It Happen

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