How The Game Works – Bondage CYOA

How Does It Work?

Get the feeling of being a submissive or dominant (or both), based on your preference – watch how your decisions and skills affect Subrina, her relationships and the world around you.

Style and Pace

Cupboard Slaves is a real-time role playing game – making it feel as realistic as possible to be Subrina and later, other characters. It’s a lesbian bondage cyoa (create your own adventure) game where you make the decisions.

At The Fortress, we’re making as much of it real-time as possible with mini-games and overall world map being completely interactive and skill based like this one in 1st and 3rd person perspectives.

The player will have to decide on how to deal with Subrinas relationships, desires, needs and abilities – you and your character will need to learn how to be a good submissive otherwise you will lose your Mistress affection, and that’s the last thing you want.


We’re working on a number of mini-game concepts including:

Downloadable ALPHA

In Development:

In the Backlog:

  • Conversation Matrix with Mistress, NMPC – the crux of bondage cyoa
  • Chance to ‘roll’ for success when begging for permission or performing tasks – the way the player performs impacts success chance
  • Slave training mechanics – in ‘spare time’ Subrina can chose what she does. Take some time off to recover, train or attempt to please Mistress when she comes back

Subrina has two perspective modes – 3rd person (Detached) and 1st person POV (Internal). Each one has advantages and disadvantages, as well as serve a purpose in the game when moving, interacting and learning.

3rd Person ‘Detatched’ Mode with free camera
3rd Person ‘Detached’ Mode – use the camera to see ‘status’ of slave character
1st Person POV – use to see detail, interact with objects and get ‘focus’ bonus – also hurts more when being punished
Conversation Matrix – be on your toes (figuratively and literally) and respond correctly to avoid punishment