Fortress – Main Setting

General ‘Fortress Background’

The ‘Fortress’ is the nickname for the company Fortified Engineering and Design

It was incorporated in 1988 when the current owners and CEO’s Tracy Stanwells father – Anthony Stanwell – and a number of his associates left their previous employment and started this engineering and construction company. Over the next few decades it has undertaken many notable construction projects like the West Street Mall, Sovereign Stadium and a number of mansions, not the least of which being The Little Green Manor that now belongs to the Stanwell family after the client – Geoffrey Short – married Anthony Stanwells daughter Tracy.

Tracy Stanwell – age 28 (2 years into marriage to Geoffrey Short)

After her 6 year marriage to Mr Short, they divorced and using the subsequent capital Mrs Short (Stanwell) bought into Fortified Engineering and Design and became a major stakeholder. Using her voting power and influence, she turned the firm into a female dominated workforce – much to the chagrin of the remaining male partners who then sold their shares and all parted ways in 2010.

To the surprise of some, Fortified Engineering and Design began increasing it’s profits by 15% (on average) every year and continues to do so.

Our character slave Subrina is coming in for her first day of work.

Despite many attempts by journalists and reporters of all stripes clamouring for interviews and media releases, Fortified Engineering and Design has remained relatively low-key with regards to it’s media presence. However, Tracy Stanwell (CEO) herself has been a very outspoken feminist and tremendously generous philanthropist in the local community.

Making It Happen

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