More Information is a website dedicated to the Cupboard Slaves lesbian slave PC game development project:

Cupboard Slaves is a lesbian slave Role Playing Game (RPG) through which we want to explore, develop and play with the idea of lesbian sex, domination and power play with as much input from the world (that means you) as possible. We are building the story, game mechanics and objectives from our primary concept of Subrina working for The Fortress as a submissive lesbian slave.

Don’t forget to check out the other pages for more info including teaser videos, screenshots and progress updates.

More to come soon including playable mini-games and story components – sign up to for early / exclusive access

Game Mechanics / Objectives:
The games objective is to find ways to manage Subrinas role as a slave in an office full of dominant / submissive characters. What kind of slave would you be? Which mistress will you try to submit to and how will you manage their egos and personalities? How will you handle being denied an orgasm, permission to pee or a whip?

Will you chose sex, submissiveness, wit or some other method to please the Mistress(es)? Lets find out. Sign up to participate in the development of our lesbian slave PC game.