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Blog Participants – (Initiates)

Participating blog members (sign up for free) will get the ability to post ideas and discuss progress, direction and story on our blog as well as access to exclusive images, videos and mini-games – but not everything, and usually later than Patreon supporters

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Contributors – (Masters)

Patreon supporters get what the same as Initiates – plus a lot more.

Some of the many perks are but not limited to:

  • Gameplay and promotional video footage / explicit images, screenshots
  • Your content added to the game in the form of dialogue options, ‘Easter Eggs’ with your chosen name, image or reference
  • Your ideas for status effects, slave and Mistress abilities featured in game
  • Your own dialogue trees, scenarios, scripts or conversations you would like to incorporate into the game can be added in
  • Exclusive access to play test the mini-game ALPHA, BETA and production versions
  • Downloads of the ALPHA and BETA game versions as they are developed
  • Request images or videos with content of your choice
  • Early access to the main game – for free as a Patreon