Can You Handle The Job? (Contribute)

Contribute and get access to exclusive content, early access to play test mini-games and more. If you don’t feel like participating directly, don’t forget to mention our project on places like reddit, social media and blogs. The more we get the word out there the quicker we can complete the project and release public ALPHAs & BETAs.

A few words on privacy – we will never share your email address, name or any other information pertaining to your account on our site with anyone or send you any marketing material.

Blog Membership – Initiate

  • Discuss, post ideas that we can bring to life for you
  • Share your thoughts on progress updates and the direction the game development is headed
  • Share ideas with others
  • Exclusive (exclusive to initiates and above))  images and posts
  • Access to short teaser videos (exclusive to initiates and above)
  • Limited access to play test mini-games and other game components (if you’re good)
  • Your ideas and content featured in-game

Sign up to Patreon – Master

  • Access to content exclusive to Patreon (Master) supporters
  • Request specific screenshots, videos or playable content
  • Play test mini-games as they are developed
  • Early access to story components & playthroughs
  • Access to ALPHA and BETA build testing for mini-games and the production build
  • Exclusive regular game-play and promo videos
  • Have your name placed in one of the game scenes or credits (if desired)
  • Patreon Tier-specific rewards

Become a Patron!


For an anonymous one-off contribution, click this link for a PayPal transaction – send us a message and we will include your name or handle in the credits, or place an Easter egg in the game with your keyword or message.

Otherwise, please feel free to vote when you see one of these on a post about what we’re up to – no subscription necessary.

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