Early ALPHA Playtests: mini-games

Hi everyone, the links to the cunnilingus and orgasm control early ALPHA downloads will be shared on the 17th of December for Cupboard Slaves membersfree to sign up, then offer your ideas and feedback. Same weekend as the playable scenario for Patreon Supporters – https://www.patreon.com/posts/see-fortress-23160238 

Weekly Performance Review – Subrinas Punishment mini-game ALPHA may be released for Christmas, if you’re good.

These were already released to Patreon Supporters a while ago – more mini-games and playable scenarios will be released there in 2018, but not going public for some time – maybe ever, depending on what our fans decide.

Cunnilings Mini-Game Early ALPHA
Orgasm Control Mini-Game Early ALPHA
Extreme Restrains – Subrinas Punishment Mini-Game Early ALPHA

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