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  1. I love this mechanic of remembering certain set of buttons (maybe better make them a combination of buttons to press so regular ones are free for other needs unless you odnt need a lot of them overall and not have a lot of phrases). Because if you will have a lot of phrases it would be another challenging mechanic – remembering which button which answer, which would simulate remembering to answer proper lines.
    Few additional mechanics that can be regards to that – you can always ask mistress to tell you the keybinds for phrases ~ ask her for how to answer and when. But this will surely make her upset (but not as much as not answering at all). And on early training with low skill of response or high defiance when you are required to answer you will see on a Window a notification to press a response button, but a wrong one. And if you fail to press proper and fall for this trick, Subrina will say somethint rude to her mistress and this will be certainly a big mistake. This mechanic of appearing key to press may be happening till she will have a proper obidient levels.

    1. So, in this situation instead of saying press Y, she will just tell you “now tell me that you understand”. And you will have a small Window of time (when mistress is talking to a player he should prepear to press response key. And maybe, to make it harder, make them unable to be rebinded and place chaotically), like 2 second to understand that “tell me that you understand” means you need to give her a positive answer “yes, mistress”. And fake tip will appear if you aren’t trained/you are high on defiance this will be “No, fuck you, leather woman”, if you would press just a wrongn response button Subrina would this phrase but with a mistake, like only “Yes” or something. And when this happen she might ask “yes what, bitch” and you will have abother Window of time to correct the answer as a small second chance.

      1. And if you fail here mistress will say something like “slave, you won’t get out till you learn how to behave”, tell you what you are supposed to say there and leave you for some time sitting in a cage, stacking a debuff and wasting your free in-game time.

  2. Last thread where I’ve shared ideas is probably overflowed with messages so I guess I will share more here.
    Another idea – Mistress will write something on Subrina’s bodey with a
    felt pen. And since these writings can go off your bodey as time passes your task will be to keep looking for them not go off and writing them back. And if you are restrained and have no access for your hands you will need to go around the place and beg others to write it on you. And imagine how problematic it may be if you will also have a mouth gag shoved into you.

    1. Sounds pretty easy – I’ve been looking for a reason for Subrina to interact with NPMC (non Player or Mistress character) and this will do nicely. Also a good excuse to use my mirror shader / script. Maybe have another Mistress possibly catch Subrina in the bathroom without permission which could be cause for punishment – so you might have to try and make sure the wrong people aren’t watching when you disobey

      1. Another obvious way to interact might be asking people if you can do something for her/sexualy please her to increase your reputation with this character.

      2. But yeah, right now I am probably out of ideas, will need to see/read/maybe test more, I got the idea what the game will be about, but more specifics are needed to come up with new mechanics.

        1. Cool – I’m trialling a FPS / 3rd person switching mechanic where Subrina has 2 modes – Detached (3rd person) and Alert (FPS) each serve their own purposes and have different stats. Also I hear that the ‘Yes Mistress’ mini-game is nearly finished – where player ability to match keys with what’s required what will affect what Subrina says. I’m going to put them both together in the next few days – eg saying “Yes Mistress” with corresponding key as well as maintaining eye contact while speaking in FPS view grants a bonus, failing will yield punishment

          This will also affect the effectiveness of Surbinas pleas to offer sex favours to other characters and so on

          1. What do you think about this mechanic while walking in punishment boots? It would be hard for subrina to walk around in these and she would need to keep the balance of your bodey if she dont want to fall down. And player will need to controll the balance by being able to move the bar to the left or to the right, keeping the bar inside the red zone, and it will randomly go to different directions. And faster you go – faster the bar is moving.

          2. Haha I’ve already been working on that – but I was missing the balancing left-right bit (I only thought of speed and chance affecting ability) but your idea makes perfect sense. It’l start with the very high heels that she’s already got (lv 0), then we can escalate up to ‘extreme heels’ (lv 9 or something) making it more difficult as it goes. Also failing to balance may hurt Subrinas ankle and therefore have a lasting debuff which may affect other tasks

          3. It would make sense to make moving on WASD and balancing on arrow keys, like up and down ones. And when the bar is moving Subrina’s body may also lean to certain degree depends on bar’s position.

          4. Hard to say which would work better without actually controlling it. With proper mouse sensitivity it should be fine on a mouse but main issue is that if you are binding balancing to moving mouse up/down, you are basically disabling moving camera up/down for this event. Unless you are talking about binding balance controll to a mouse buttons.

      3. I have another question about the game and it’s potential far future, if you dont mind and I hope haven’t become annoying. But I didn’t expect game that go really deep into these mechanics with rpg style and simulating the experience. If I link you a quick “sum up” for a dream game can you tell me if that will be anywhere possible if your development will get big and succesfull and idea will find the support? Because I would certainly happy to get the biggest patron goal possible? (I hope I will succesfully finish all the studies by that day and will have a proper job) I know, it’s kinda selfish, but I am hyped very much even for current game, not even talking about thinking about my idea. Will not go deep into details and mechanics because no reason to start thinking about it at this point for sure.

          1. So I would love to see a fantasy themed game, something or about demonic realm for of succubuses and demonettes of different kinds, or maybe drow elf dungeon/underground/wh40k Cammoragh themed. Player will be captured and will have a training. And there are 2 main different story routes happening. As he progress through training he can either cooperate, get his “trained” mark and being gifted as a gift by a slave trading service to a prosperous mistress.
            This will result in player living in noble districts and even being able to access to a palace where the grand dominatrix is ruling these planes. You will have a different story lines about nobles, you will be able to become a sinister traitor that will be able to sell out your previous owner to become the owner of other, more rich and influential. You will grow under other slaves, will be able to use slavedolls for your own pleasure and even force other slaves of lesser grades of privileges and many other conspiracies and adventures.
            Or the second place – going through training and being defiant to the end. Getting harsher and harsher trainings and mistresses, ignoring that some punishments will literally traumatize you and reduce your stats permanently, being iron willed captive and resisting everything. For this kind of captives these demons/drow elfs you will be transformed into the literally sex doll.

            Your skin will be infused with latex-like substance which could change the color if you (or other will make you use it) use certain mixtures, so you will be a permanent latex girl, your holes will be highly stretchable and adjustable, your body will be reshaped to stop needing to accept regular food and will be able to fed by a sex fluids and your body will have connected and easily penetrable through any hole to other hole even as extreme as through pussy/ass to a mouth, your mouth will be gone forever, it will be just another orifice without teethes, always open (except when not plugged with specially designed plugs, all the doll’s mouths are the same so it will fit for everyone), and even your eyes (as your face will look like full in latex mask, entire your body will) will be a latex membrane that will be able to give a vision to you (maybe slightly altered) and behind these membranes there will be, of course, fuckable orifices too, and membranes will be highly stretchable so you won’t have problems with vision and you will be able even to see (if you will have a first person) as you are fucked in the eye with the instrument coming in and out. And, of course, nipples can be made fuckable too so you will satisfy even enormous crowd of gangrapist succubuses all by your own. And all of your orifices will give you as much pleasure as would’ve pussy give. And if someone to get fucked by you for a change, they can stick a special latex-rubber like device that will fit any of your holes and will be a comfortable for these cause dildo and also give you pleasure too.
            So player will live in the slums and maybe will be able to get somehow to middle-class districts, as example being forced to work in some kind of brothels. While being a sexdoll many of his skills will be altered as he will have very different anatomy. He will experience the life of low-tier citizens (or he even won’t be able to be called as a citizen). He will probably be able to find someone interested in keeping him, but probably won’t find anyone somewhat loving and will just be used however new owner want for his pleasure, amusement and profit. So this will give two entirely different experiences. First – being a slave, but still being a person, having ambitions and big plans, being able to fuck over some people’s lives, even find your love in this twisted realm. And second – succumb into sexual degradation, struggling to survive in a hostile domain without proper body for these cause and most of the people living there treating you like trash and feel free to use and abuse, being the starting part of the food chain. Maybe for some people, which really hate transformation like these, alter the gameplay and give a chance to play about the same story while being the same person as on start, maybe if you become a hopeless to be changed criminal in the first route.

          2. If you will be a royal slave you will be recognisable by others personally, while as a doll you won’t have anything except for different color of your Latex skin and personal number written on your butt to be somewhat indentifiable. Tho even in this situation it may be interesting to make a romantic story, for example a romance of two rubber dolls trying to help each other and make their lowly existance slightly more happy by having each other around. Or maybe a story of you getting in the hands of mistress that transformed you into this and not realising that it was you untill some time passes. Not sure tho if rubberdolls should be able to talk or they would have some other way to communicate.

          3. Reason why I want this kind of game – other nsfw games have shitton of “bad endings” like these that ends in big transformation and throwing you to a menu after a bit of text. Giving a gameplay for a such a changed creature will be a very refreshing and new, especially if it’s higly detailed and immersed thanks to a rpg system, tho 3d game will probably make doing levels like districts for free roam and questing tremendously hard. TF theme is on high demand too, considering how popular tfgames site is and that I dont know people turned off by Latex. Maybe tentacles, bestiality etc, but nothing ugly with awesome shiny suit.

          4. Imagine how bizarre quests and situations might be. Like dolls won’t be able to talk to anyome except for special masters of latexshapers, and you will have a questline to learn how to talk to them and other dolls. Or having an owner of borderline crazy artist that tries to make an art with dolls, for example, she would want to make a “rainbow” with you and others, she will give you a task to go for other doll owners and borrow them for a day, make you all drink recoloring mixture, order a giantic flexible dildo, which will go through all of you, make you all stand near to each other in 69 positions with dildo going through all of you at the same time and drawing this picture.
            Or as a royal slave being able to sneak into the doll harems and having fun with them, since they can’t talk and can’t make loud nooses with mouth plugged, having about the same od current fortress plans for gameplay of having different mistresses of different roles and welth, trying to win favours and change your ownership with final task at the being owned and after that becoming the favourite of the grand dominatrix of this realm.
            And other doll story will be about getting into doll harem of hers too, together with your other doll friend which you would find and have a similar fate throughout the story, and finding out about the potion which would transfer you back to a person. And havng in the end the choice – drinking the potion and becoming normal whike staying the regular slave or giving it to your friend, scrificing your future to save her. She will still come to see you from time to time, but this will be the only chance to save one of yours.

          5. As a doll player will need to feed of the sexual “fluids” of others, like pussy lubricant that they will get for pleasing orally(they will still hqve a tongue, but longer and if you hqve enojgh skills you will be able to move tongue from mouth to ass/pussy orifice), saliva that mistresses might spit in their mouth or if slave will be ordered to suck a plugged dildo on the doll, or if another feature will be avaliable for people that might want dickgirls – semen will be another source of food for them. And dolls will be able to share it with other dolls via breast feeding each other, if some of them were “lucky” and were fed and others didn’t have any attention. And dolls will be able to wear any restriction devices as regular player, their skin will be just a permanent suit and with increased sensitivity. So this will be the main struggle of player – trying to survive and not wither without feeding + trying to keep any kind of personality inside of the faceless body among many others looking the same. And only dolls will be able to see a personality of each of them, while most of the regular people seeing them only just a toy.
            Ot sure what else I can say about second “normal” route since it will be very much of the current game mechanics but with different new tasks and new avaliable toys, characters and events.

          6. And there will be a large difference between the way groups interact with each other inside. If noble mistresses and their slaces will be very unfriendly, treacherous, with fake good attitude while trying to stab in the back each other, most of the dolls will be very friendly, tolerant and helpful to their kind, and all the non nobles will be simplier and understandable, in compare to their wealthy rulers from the rich districts and palace. Of course, there should be some exceptions for more spicy story, but main course will be about it.

          7. Reason why owners of this realm are transforming slaves into this – if they can’t controll slaves by conventional means, so they are making them addicted to having sex so much that they will die if won’t have it, so they are transforming them into perfect sex toys and binding them to serve by making it the only way for them to survive. And player will be forced to look for owners for regular feed or even random sex encounters to fed upon it. If he will find an owner it will be somewhat the same slavery, but the worst punishment will be throwing the player away on the streets, leaving him without a regular means to have sex.
            Another way to get feed will be by going to the brothel and proving that you are a very skilled sex partner. Final task in the poor districts will be passing main sex doll “exams” and getting hired to a rich harems where if dolls aren’t getting required quota of feed from owners – slaves are ordered to feed them.
            And owners will treat you like a thing without emotions and feeling and will sell you to other, if there will offer a good price.

          8. So yeah, this is my idea for a “dream” game. I as mostly focused on explaining of the second route because first route is already being formed in this game, but in different setting. What do you think about it? Had another slightly similar idea for a game background and start, but with different setting.

          9. Well, even if you will work on it, and I am not sure if this is a quite good idea to diffuse development attention on many projects at the same time, this needs to be made in something whole, not just a bunch of thoughts and ideas spewed randomly.

          10. Well, if you are interested I can make something solid out of this with variables in design which you can choose whatever looks more fitting to you.

          11. Did you get an access via message on email/can see what i’ve written for now? I will shape the default form for now tpday and continue righting it when will get new ideas. Plus will probably try to have a proper contents when I will be able to do it with computer, not a tablet.

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