Mini-Game – LickOut version 0.1

Hey gang, we’ve been working on a lot of different stuff over the past week but one of them has been the LickOut mini-game ALPHA that we’re almost ready to share with our Patreon subscribers – will be released there 23rd December

How does it work? Well, when engaged in the mini-game the player uses the mouse axes to move Subrina’s tongue around to make patterns over Mistress pussy.

Holding the Right Mouse Button thrusts the tongue forward, which is required to trigger certain points on the vagina. Be careful though, thrusting forward drains the tongue stamina, which will make you slower and moving around more difficult.

Each Mistress has her own patterns that she likes – will you be able to discover them? Doing the same thing over and over may make Mistress bored, and you don’t want that!

When you succeed a certain number of times, the pace will escalate and if you succeed in making Mistress come then you win. If Mistresss patience runs out before that happens, you lose.


4 comments on “Mini-Game – LickOut version 0.1

  1. I dont know if I was failing to please her or not. I have only recieved smacks, “breathing” pose and sometimes she raised her left arm by a weird way. And yeah, maybe moving the mouse shpuld controll the camera, so the highest pov wpuld have a shot like that but when you move mouse down you would go down the whole view will go down together with a tongue. This idea of the “looking in the eyes” minigame might not work with this type of controll. So the tongue is literally stuck with no movement and you are moving your had to controll the axis which you want to touch and controlling the tongue by pressing m2. This will allow ypu to have a normal position for a pussy instead of having strange floating object in the right of the screen and give more real feel to a process. Another potential addition – you moght want to add to a clitor instead of one axis many small ones so you can roll a tongue around it to pleasure mistress like with real one.
    And yeah, another detail – this game is highly DPI dpendant. So if you got used to small sensitivity this game will be ass for your hand. And if you set a crazy sensitivity you will probably cheese the game.

    1. Yea I wanted to see if you would figure it out – there are 3 patterns that trigger ‘success’ action (stage 1). 5 successes in a row and Mistress grabs your head / pulls closer (excited, ready for orgasm – stage 2)

      Stage 1 Mistress slaps you if you fail to ‘succeed’ in 30 seconds. 3 in a row of those, and she looks at her watch as in to say “you’re boring me, about to fail”
      Stage 2 must ‘succeed’ to trigger pattern every 10 seconds – if failed, moment is lost and process begins again from stage 1. 3 or more ‘success patterns’ and Mistress reaches climax

      Breathing / moaning starts when you trigger a success pattern to indicate success – but then keeps playing for a while whether you get more or not – this is to make it possible to find Mistress’ pattern, but will still take a while to learn them all (eg if you trigger another within the ‘Mistress is excited’ period, you won’t really know – but it still gets her a point closer to orgasm.

      In real life you know where your tongue / partners pussy / clit is by feel – hard to translate that to a game without a visual queue on the screen but I’ll give it a go. As for mouse sensitivity, you can put it all the way up or down, tongue still gets ‘tired’ when out of stamina so game will be affected regardless. I can also use same axis control using a XBox analogue stick or something similar if player prefers that to a mouse (probably in general anyway for 3rd person and motion controls mini games)

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