Sex Slave RPG – Lesbian Slave Training

Hello everyone,

Don’t forget to check out our first publicly available teaser video.

It’s always exciting to see that we have more and more members joining up to see the progress of our sex slave RPG. If you’re a fan of the genre – wouldn’t you like to set up your own slave training?

We had a team meeting this morning to try and figure out how we can use what we’re doing to give back to the community (after all, our ultimate objective here is to create an MVP out of a 3rd person BDSM RPG where you play as the submissive). We’ve heard from a handful of people that would love to assist us with what we need, but lack the skills / experience do do it. Well, one of our round-table ideas was to see if the general community would like us to create some short how-to videos!

For example:

  • set up and (rig) a 3D model with a skeleton (armature)
  • fully animate the 3D model using that armature
  • weight painting (assign the amount of control each bone has over the parts of the model)
  • programming – using code to execute actions in the game
Resting and Reflecting

If you would like to learn how to do that or any other game component through the lens of bondage, BDSM, lesbian slaves (or anything else in context with what we’re about here) then let us know. If there are enough takers, we can make this into a short series on game creation that our members can enjoy and apply in any game creation / 3D animation situation they like.

We’re aiming to make these videos free for any member of our forumand any contributors.

If we get 50 ‘Yes’ Votes, we will get started! So tell us what you want and you might just get it in time for Christmas!


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