Teaser Video Number One – Lesbian Slave RPG

Hello everyone and welcome to our first teaser video for our lesbian slave RPG Cupboad Slaves – mainly featuring our main playable character Subrina but also Mistress Tracy who will soon have her own feature video – click here to enlarge / download the MP4

Upcoming videos:

  • Teaser 1.2 – 5th December
  • Teaser 1.3 – 15th December

This is just teaser – we’ve taken out the user interface to record this more as a little vignette than actual gameplay footage. At the moment our goal for this video was to capture some live content and have a video to accompany the multiple screenshots and posts that we currently have on the blog.

Once we tighten up some of the animations and player controls we will not only be able to produce lesbian virtual reality porn for the fans, but give our players the ability to do the same. Combining the lesbian slave RPG concept with a real-time 3rd person action style game with a free floating camera will certainly make for some interesting material down the track.

If you have any requests for what you would like to see next, don’t hesitate to send us a message or leave a comment here.

Some of the elements we can record and show for you:

  • Player stats UI and it’s affects. Increasing Subrinas stamina, endurance and will power will affect her ability to interact with NPCs and the overall word of The Fortress
  • Conversations with Mistress Tracy with dialogue trees and consequences
  • A few moments in ‘a day in the life of a mistress’ here on Cupboard Slaves
  • What happens if permission to pee is not given, and Subrina runs out of options!

51 comments on “Teaser Video Number One – Lesbian Slave RPG

  1. I have a question – whats the main game focus when it comes to “world” where the player is. You are planning to expand this corporation idea and have mostly office-like locations/rooms, activities and characters or you dont mind changing the theme of the game? Like after certain amount of development into “real-life lesdom simulation” you can go into sci-fi theme with different xeno species or maybe fantasy theme with fantasy races like elves, orcs, succubuses and demonettes etc, like creating demon realm with player character serving a demon mistress without being bound to somewhat real rules by saying “It’s magic, dont worry”. And do you plan of implementing in the future multiple dominatrix, slaves, interactions between them? I know it’s very far away from this point, just wonder what will be a development route for this game.

    1. Thanks for your question! We’re definitely going to incorporate sci-fi / fantasy elements eventually. We are looking for some inspiration (like what’s in your comment) so we can produce some concept art and see which ideas people like the most.

      As for the game world itself, yes absolutely. We’re going to create multiple settings – like your Mistress’ home for example – each with their own personality and objectives, mini-games ect. Also we will have other Mistresses and their slaves that you will be able to interact with. We’re currently working with some writers to come up with backstories, character profiles and the like.

      One idea we had to add replay value is to randomize NPC Mistress and slave personalities / look on startup, so you as the player had to discover which you would like to be in a relationship with and how to please them. What do you think of that one?

      1. Randomizer would certainly be a good addition and it also should make preset start avaliable where you can tune perosnality, preferences etc however you want, if I understand correclty and if you can randomize things that means you should manualy choose every single one with proper interface avaliable.

        1. Yep that’s right – ultimately we’d like to have multiple sets of options for the player to affect their own experience / world. Things like game difficulty, certain types of ‘mini-games’ and settings they or are not into, player / Mistress personalities and so on. First things first though and we’d like to complete a playable ALPHA which is set in The Fortress for our members to test out.

          1. Btw, whats the best place to share ideas? Like I got the idea about one of the minigames, I think it wont be bad to share here but I think there should be a proper place to do it.

            So the idea about minigame when mistress is ordering you to lick her out. Idea is simple – pleasure her sex orally, but there maybe a little detail. This session will be happening first person and most of the time mistress will force you to look into her eyes (it’s a very sub-dom detail when dom is forcing sub to look and keep looking into the eyes and not break the line of vision). And while doing that you obviously cant see her pussy and this what this game might be about – there will be some kind of chain of buttons that you should press right or pattern that you need to “clear” imagening your tongue and moving it right-left with controll buttons,
            Like have an area of the rounded rectangle that you need to go around 5 times while most of the time not looking exact on the spot you are doing that but slightly higher. If you give a player the perspective that will capture top part of the vagina and crotch, which will move down and up with player moving down and up and at the same time having a vision on mistress’s face it might be very immersive and at the same time challenging. But for that you certainly need a high res textured crotch/legs area and face.

          2. Cant edit the comment here so will just add another detail as additional commentary.

            And about controll – I think in this minigame mouse maybe a good idea to use if you will have a precise movement capture in this method. So you would move a mouse to have an illusion of decent controll over the movement as if you would have a controll over your tongue and head and may use mouse buttons, for example give a functionality to a wheel button – by scrolling it back and forth you can simulate “fucking with tongue” movement.

          3. Sounds awesome – I’m going to work on that idea next week and get you some screenshots ect. Our 3D animator is tied up with another project but should be done soon. In the meantime we can at least work on the actual mechanics of the minigame.

            As for best place to share ideas, at some stage we might set up a separate forum mechanism on the website with specific threads and so on – but for the time being, here is fine – or you can use the contact form for private messages.

          4. And she will controll your eye line, most of the time she will watch you and pull your head via your hairs if she sees that ypu aren’t looking into her eyes. But you will have a brief moments where you could check how is it going when she will be moaning of pleasure and will close her eyes because of it. And at the same time there should be “chill” sessions of licking out where you could pleasure your mistress without eye contact requirement (like when she will be busy reading/watching/doing somehting). When this happens you shouldn’t have problems watching wherever you want (this might even happen with her skirt on, so, surroundings will be a bit dark). But then there should some other kind of challenge, maybe following certain most sensitive zones, stimulating it but not overusing same one for a long but switching it. Maybe x-ray sub Window to see your tongue inside.

          5. Sorry if it gets annoying amount of messages that I am creating, considering I am the only one typing there. I just had the idea of creating slavery adventure text game or decent slave simulator for a quite time, but I am shitty writer and not native English speaker so even if I come up with ideas, setting etc, quality of actual smut will be bad and thats crucial for text games. And for 3d sims you need to be a somewhat skillfull developer and I am still into the level of learning java/C++ at the point of how to properly right functions, using all the tools provided by the language etc.

            When it comes to another idea – I had experience of playing different kind of 3d games with first person/immersive camera and what many of them doing wrong – a lot of sex positions and just wandering around situations aren’t looking good regulary as first person because you can’t look behind when, for example, mistress is hammering you with a dildo, or can’t look on yourself wearing sexy restraints and outfits. And in this situation you would rather use third person camera and, kinda lose the immersion. Or instead you can place a lot of mirrors around the place and have most of the events happening around them. Many mistresses have a very narcissistic type of personality, that want to be worshipped and having a lot of mirrors will be normal for them. And this will provide very organic way to being able to inspect yourself and see yourself in certain positions where you won’t get any awesome details otherwise.

          6. And yeah, I just found on your site that your main priority is 3rd person, so maybe my focus on alternative first person aren’t that interesting for development.

          7. While the game primary perspective is 3rd person at the moment, we will be incorporating Virtual Reality interface at a later stage which means it will work best in a 1st person POV style – which in effect also makes it not dissimilar to a 1st person perspective that would be compatible with a regular monitor / keyboard. This means that none of these 1st person ideas would be wasted. I’ve already started the dev for the FPS licking-out control game so as far as mini-games go that might even the be the 1st one we put out to be ALPHA tested – no promises at this stage.

            I actually think being able to switch from FPS to 3rd person might be a cool feature that I don’t think any other game like ours would have. Maybe have advantages / disadvantages of each perspective and open up new slave options or abilities.

            We have a pretty neat mirror prefab that we’ve put on the ceiling in Mistress Tracys office before – might be worth doing that again?

          8. I’ve mentioned it on fenoxo forums – there are Adult Skyrim mods on loverslab that looks and sounds very similar to your game but shitty engine won’t let you script events and any additional mechanics to the game properly. It’s working there – switching there between 3rd person and 1st person. But main reason why would you want to switch from first person (and it was actually very easy to create first person script – you are staying in kinda 3rd person but at the same time camera position isntead of being on top of you is placed between your eyes) that is giving a lot of immersion and awesome view for some animations is the fact that many of them makes you positioned by the back to your partner so you literally dont see anything happening. IRL it’s fine ofcourse, because you can feel everything, same as with blidnfold being straight blackness, but in videgames pure blind and first person in these positions won’t work. And in this situations mirrors are very efficient and immersive. And for the blindfolds – special kind of them with little holes inside, so your vision is very bad and dark, but still you can recognize things in front of you and overall path for few meters before you.

          9. If we can keep up the pace I’d say by the end of this weekend we should have a playable ALPHA of the 1st person licking-out game.
            So far we have:
            1. multiple tongue ‘patterns’ using the mouse – screen indicator on success
            2. looking with head / controlling tongue switching mechanic in place for looking down when Mistress isn’t paying attention or trigger a punishment state
            3. animations that can be triggered: tongue up / down, Mistress moan / head back, Mistress grab player by the hair if displeased for some reason, Mistress ‘working’ on computer while game is running

            What we still need to do is:
            1. Make ‘scoring’ system for cunnilingus scenario
            2. Success / failure triggers and states
            3. Get better animations / textures / models for the close-up action

            We’ll put a post together about it when there’s something worth screen-shotting

          10. Got some more design ideas.
            First – about potential fucking minigame. Fucking is kinda a cycle of thursting forward-backward, so you can make a minigame with cicled set of buttons that you need to press and keeping it up with pace of mistress fucking you. Maybe something like Q A S W cycle of buttons. And speed of pressing might change depends on how mistress is feeling today, maybe you have restrained devices on and it will highly alter your movement so you will need to press A two times instead of one in a cycle with certain item on, and hold S with other item.
            Considering that she is in controll she might “spice up” the process and while fucking you force you to suck her nipple or a tongue, so you will be clicking the same button cycle and moving the mouse forward-backward with camera sliding because of it and making doing both things problematic and making it harder to keep looking for the pace of mistress (buttons won’t appear on the screen, you need to guess the speed). This can be tweaked many ways, even give a threesome mechanic where you are fucked in both holes and so you need to clic two buttone cycles at the same time. On hardest difficulties you may be even doing them in different pace.
            And now for another mechanic – many times when you fail or punished you may feel pain. This can be a global mechanic, may be working like one button qte in shadows of morder that time will slow down and you need to click something specific to endure the pain or if you fail you will squick, prevent yourself from doing something for a moment and this will displease the mistress or fail something. And if you train yourself to become masochistic on success you will get a pleasure for yourself.
            Another mechanic that came in mind – sudden bonus windows with camera angles. Like in certain situations you wouldn’t see what happening but you will certainly feel it. So to compensate it you will recieve a little window showing whats happening.
            Example – mistress is doing agressive kiss with you, toying with your tongue with hers(Idk if in case of kiss you will need to implement any minigame or just being able to move it). You can’t see it, but you are getting a bonus Window somewhere on the screen showing kinda xray of two mouths connected and tongues rubbing each other. Then suddenly she take her hand and starting to fingerfuck your butthole. Your screen may get a pink frame pulse around the corners and another window appear – camera angle showing the process of fingerfucking your butt with her finger, wearing the Latex gloves.
            While kissing she might bite your tongue and this will hurt you, so pain check will appear. If you fail it – you will interrupt the kiss and make mistress angry. She will slap your face and because you are untrained and pain is high you won’t have a pain check, you will not be able to endure it.
            Same with painchecks may happen when you are fucked. If you fail the pace – you begin to recieve a painchecks. If you are trained – you may endure bigger pain. Like if you fail the bootlicking she will order you to pull your tongue out, place it on the ground and she will start to press on it with her heel. If you are trained and successfully proceed the paincheck (I think long-time painsessions like these should have different “enduring” minigame) you won’t screaming and begging to stop, so instead of displeasing her you will endure the punishment and she will be fine with it without long term consequences.

          11. Sounds excellent – we’d had some of these ideas but haven’t had the time to refine them – yours are very specific which is great for us because that makes it easier to implement.

            We have a W A S D mechanic artefact we’d made already where a heart inside a square border (can be anything) is randomly given velocity and moves around – if it touches the walls of the border, you fail – the objective of the player is to press the W A S D buttons that correspond to each ‘wall’ of the border and apply the opposite force. The idea is to keep the heart off the wall until the ‘timer’ ran out and you beat the mini game. Originally it was intended for a scenario in which if Subrina has not had an orgasm for a while the game would trigger her masturbating unless you win this game whenever it came up. Then if Mistress catches you, Subrina would get punished and so on but we never put it in. I can see that working in the ‘painchecks’ concept – what do you think?

            Also we can build upon it later and have little points the player has to touch with the heart (or whatever) by moving it around under a certain time limit – for example, licking Mistress boot clean – or avoid them and the walls – for example, trying not to orgasm without permission.

          12. Typo
            >Considering that she is in controll she might “spice up” the process and while fucking you force you to suck her nipple or a tongue
            Instead of “tongue” a finger

          13. About minigame where you need to move the heart with WASD – that sounds like a good mechanics for a long-time painchecks when you feel pain for a certain time, not like instant sting and goes away.

          14. Reason why I am saying that two diferent kind of paincheck should be – there are a lot of pain pulse situation situations that will happen instantly and go away in a moment, if you make it long game like wasd heart thingy, it will ruin the moment I think. It shpuld be somehting fast, sudden, that you can pass and continue doing what you were doing or interrupt it like you would in real life. Imagine you are carrying a pile of boxes in your hands. And suddenlt someone jab you with a needle or somehting else little and sharp. You either drop the boxes because of the sudden pain impulse or you manage to stay steady and continue carrying these boxes. You won’t be struggling to keep them in hands for ten seconds while trying to overcome the pain. Same here, some of the painful moments won’t fit for this game at all. But long enduring processes like the one I’ve mentioned with heel and tongue will be very close to a process of keeping yourself together and not begging to stop. Or edging the orgasm too. Even tho, if minigame will be the same, it should look atleast differently for pain and for orgasm, other graphic desigm.

          15. We’ve got some preliminary footage of Mistress Tracy animation for the heel of her shoe to hold Subrina’s tongue to the floor for lick-out fail punishment as well as Subrina herself submitting and flinching animation (if paincheck fail) – soon we will be able to put the animations together in the ‘Scene’ where both are interacting with each other – as well as the lick-out mini game where there are 3 ‘patterns’ that Mistress Tracy likes. I was thinking each potential sex partner might have their own or have some similarities. Player will need to figure them out themselves. May I have your permission to call this part of the game / all subsequent elements like skill-trees etc ‘PainCheck’? You came up with the idea so I wanted to ask

          16. Sure, dont worry about it, I am more than happy to see that my opinions and suggestions will be used in kind of game that I have been looking for few years. So when you will upload your how2 develop posts with coding tips I might try to learn it and help with programming, since I need a practice anyway, my main issue is that I am rusty with actual programming language usage and understanding how to start, overall programming logic and knowledge of creating optimised algorythms is something I am digging.
            Another idea that might work, but I am not 100% sure about it – when Mistress is asking to take a certain position (like on teaser video 1:19 time point) you may require player to press certain buttons and keep them pressed to stay in this position. And with buttons on keyboard you can try to “simualte” the pose with buttons, making them uncomfortable but very close to a pose. Like this 1;19 pose that I’ve mentioned – holding A and J will be kinda like spreading legs with little finger+thumb, a C and V with forefinger and ringfinger would be like keeping your hands behind your back in certain “unnatural” submissive way, and keeping head+chest under certain degree will be about holding R with middle finger. Doing this with one hand and other hand would do something with mouse, maybe will have a minigame of keeping yourself all the time in balance and not falling down. It would be certainly not comofortable an will give the feel of staying in this unnatural pose IRL. But if you decide to use this idea you would need to come up with other poses that would be doable the same way on the keyboard.

          17. And about paincheck – it actually reminded me where did I get that name for this mechanic. It’s from the game Dead by Daylight that I’ve played a bit – game have a “Skillcheck” mechanic when you are performing something, like fixing the engine, healing yourself etc you have a random skillcheck proc https://i.gyazo.com/09f3d32ebec3d3824b3f8994a9401591.png this is how it looks, basically a somewhat random place around the circle for a sektor with “success” that you need to click in time (and it is very fast) and white section is huge success, like instant boost to current activity, not just failcheck pass. Reminds me of the way reloading worked in Gears of War series.
            So this might be the good idea for quick pain checks, Like you took a pain sting, this paincheck appear which you need to react and successfully click in right sektor of the circle. You can take certain “painful” event as a reference, let’s say something like getting a hit with a whip once will be variable P. If another event is 30% less painful it will have pain coefficient 0.7P. What will it mean? It will mean that succesfull endure sector will be 30% bigger. And huge success actually may be working together with masochism. Training to be masochisting will have another coefficient M which will tell how much % of the enduring sektor will be filled by Huge success, getting Huge success would actually proc a pleasure for you instead of fail or just passing it. And amount of pleasure will depend on how big P coefficient is.
            And I came up with another idea about using keyboard to simulate poses. When mistress is asking you, and ordering you to crawl you will need to crawl to her. And the process of crawling should be not comfortable so you may have a certain cycle of buttons till you move to the mistress, like. pressing two buttons means moving further Z A – D E – C D – A Q – Z A – D E – C D – A Q – etc. But still, thats all in theory and not sure if it will be a good experience in practice. All I know that this will certainly very uncomfortable to press untill you get used to it and these things works the same way. When you are using to it it’s easy. Maybe it should be that hard if you are wearing retrain devices and it makes your movement even more problematic and actual crawling should be easier.

          18. Restraint devices ofc. And
            >Maybe it should be that hard if you are wearing retrain devices and it makes your movement even more problematic and actual crawling should be easier.
            Crawling with them will be problematic and will be as hard as i’ve mentioned the cycle of button pressing and crawling freely without them should much easier, so the cycle should be less annoying.

          19. I am not sure, but it seems that camera position is too far away and if it’s supposed to be eyes, tongue not supposed to reach the pussy. When you are doing licking process tongue is going out from mouth for like 3 centimeters? And often there is direct contact between lips and pussy area. PoV pussylicking porn of videos might be a good reference. And this is probably the reason why tongue is looking gigantic in compare to pussy. And I am not sure that tongue sliding all over the screen on 0:18 is supposed to happen.
            I think mistress is sitting too concenctrated with 90degree angle, I think she should sit more relaxed, half lying with legs moved forward from the chair so her pussy will be close to it’s edge. And with her back leaning against the back of the chair. This way you would be able to look into her eyes and at the same time reach most of her pussy. Plus, I think that you should be able to controll your eyes with additional keys, and your head would actually follow the movement of your tongue. If ypu move the

          20. If you move the tongue far down or far left to reach it you would also need to move the head. And head should always be in a position where you can see mistress eyes. This, again, can be achieved by the right angle. But eyes controll shouldn’t be that complex, just button – focus vision on eyes or on pussy.

          21. Hmm yea we can give that a try. I want to have a bunch of different versions / control schemes to test because then we can find the best combination and put that in the final version. Originally we had the ‘look into eyes’ button and a ‘focus check’ where randomly Subrina would start to look away and the player could counter it if timed correctly with a button but having control of head / eyes with mouse movement felt more immersive so that’s what we went with. It’s really hard though! Doesn’t look it, but it is. Maybe the mechanics will vary based on slaves ‘skill level’ – lower the skill, the harder it is. Same thing with ‘restraints’ or forced positions that Mistress might require

          22. Another potential addition – mistress can always keep the hand on Subrina’s head. It’s a sign of taking controll over the action, she can try to move the player’s face towards sensitive spot if he can’t find it and scene would feel more alive if hand will move with the headmovement. Same for “more alive” when you will be polishing minigame towards completion – adding physical movement of the pussy because of the tongue interaction.

          23. Looking forward for testing it, having an actual gameplay will certainly help getting the idea how mechanics are working. Btw, I guess I am getting a special treatment because I gave few advices and recieving alpha, I am very humbled by that, but at which point you want to release a public version? Do you plan to share the game to everyone after shaping it to smth like beta to interest more people subscribing on patreon after polishing animations/3d/adding more content?

          24. Not sure yet – the current plan is to wait for Patreon targets to be hit and release to the relevant subscribers. Since you are the first to come up with some great ideas, happy to share the dev with you. This is just the first ALPHA of the first functional mini-game so it will be great to get your feedback. At the moment we’re also working on (as far as I’m aware):
            – mini story mode
            – ‘pain check’ for obedience – if Mistress commands Subrina to enter a punishment position, pain check roll happens ie chance to disobey based on masochism skill level VS anticipation (depends what punishment)
            – 2nd ‘office bitch’ slave in The Fortress trying to win Mistress favour
            – ‘level up’ mechanics to improve skills / attributes that will affect roll chances and open opportunities to please Mistress. Currently focused on ‘dignity’ for example level 0 – not wearing panties in public for a time gets slave used to certain levels of embarrassment, which will open up new actions once achieved

            Everyone (3d guy, me – programmer, writers) are off doing their own thing right now so not sure when it will all be completed / come together but looks like we’re making progress on many fronts

          25. Would be awesome to see some leveling up mechanics changing the way the character look, how she is behaving, way it’s altering casual activities. Like if Subrina is wearing extremely high heels training shoes her legs may deform and she will have issues with walking without them. And maybe add some kind of “Piercing progression”. Like for every certain amount of time spent as a slave (or maybe as you progress further on your slave rank) you recieve a new piercing somewhere on your body indicating for how long you have been there.

          26. Yep – got all that on the way 😉

            Already got a training mechanic where when commanded to wear super high-heels may cause multiple status changes and debuffs if sustained. Currently ‘punishment heels’ if the previous day’s performance was unsatisfactory.

          27. Also got safety pins for nipple piercings, new choke collar – as well as a chain leash (what I’m working on when I’m in the mood to program individual chain link physics, which isn’t often) that Mistress might force slaves movement with

          28. How is the day starts/finishes tho? Subrina is going back home or there are “Apartments” installed for workers? And if she is going home, are there any “overtime” work happening, especially if she failed to do her tasks

          29. Haven’t got that figured out yet.

            My opinion: in a workdays ‘supreme fail’ / our 1st story video scenario she’s waiting in her cage in Mistress office, and is allowed to win favours when released – I personally think Subrina should awake at home, travel to The Fortress office and begin her day – at lv 0 – then when favours are gained, she can spend the night at Mistress’ house – which Mistress? The one you choose, that also chooses you. Maybe you learn a lot more about her there – does she match your play-style? Yes? No? Maybe you’re broke and have to shack-up with someone rather than lose the game … Or you might find the love of your life.

          30. Another idea for a minigame. Mistress will probably want to be fucked too, since it’s a pleasure to her. But what’s is the most humiliating way to get fucked by a subrina? Via the facedildo ofcourse. T will be a face didldo with reversed dildo inside the mouth so when mistress will press with her weight on it – dildo will go deeper into the Subrina’s mouth so player will need to maintain proper controll over the process or Subrina will recieve pain.
            How? You can have close to lickout minigame mechanic – mistress is ordering to look in her eyes while jumping on a dildo strapped on Subrina’s mouth. But ot get the idea how to succeed in minigame you need to look on the shaft of the dildo instead, and there will be some kind of red area, when pussy’s edge is located around this area you will need to press a button. And mistress could change the pace of bumping or add some other variable to a minigame. So you will have a bit of time to see the idea of the cycle and after looking for a bit she will grab you by the hair(which is probably painful) and force to look on her. So you will have a slight amount of time to peak with your eyes below and see a pratly transparent nose and face dildo with mistress bumping on it and red zone or mistress body without much of the vision on the base of the dildo with a hint how to press properly.
            Another idea – about orgasm edging and not letting you get it. At certain point, when mistress refuse to let Subrina get an orgasm player may want to ask mistress to use the chastity on you if you are afraid to fail orgasm checks, especially if you aren’t very trained. And this will result in having very big penalties for almost everything considering that Subrina want to orgasm and can’t have it by any way. And at some point you might want og to the mistress and askher to open the chastity and let you orgasm. And if she refuse you can try to endure it, go to your room, curle up and start to cry (since it’s first time you experiencing it, but having this happend will make you much more resistant this time. Also might be good idea to have a “immersive” crying mechanic with vision becoming “watery”, which can be also useful in situations when you are giving an orgasm to a mistress and located close tl her pussy). Or you can continue to beg her for it, she will get angry and whip you out. And since you are on the edge of orgasm, recieving a whiping will make Subrina recieve finally an orgasm. Mistress will be surprised by that and may start to train her to be a painslut/introduce her to other mistress which is focused on it.
            I think it might be interesting idea ot have on the start default mistress with standart ideas for a femdom, but she will help you to open fetishes and open routes to train them and for mistresses focused on it. They could also have more important roll in the company so they may have personal big offices made with design themes close to these fetishes and have a needed equipment. But not all of it, some of it you might need to unlock or buy with your salary.

          31. Love it! We will need to create / acquire some strap on and sex toy 3D models but that won’t be too hard. Do you have any ideas regarding NPC characters sabotaging Subrina / Mistress relationship either deliberately from jealously or inadvertently like other Mistress (while not compatible with you) continues to try to submit Subrina – or submissive(s) trying to gain the favour of the Mistress you chose, making you compete?

          32. Well, writing the story, as I said, not something I am really good at, tho I can think about mechanics in plave regards to that. Subrina may be get kinda stolen from her mistress at so me point to be played with by some mistress. You can either try to escape to get back to your mistress(will get +reputation for your mistress and minus for the one that have stolen you), try to stay there and get out when your mistress find out what happend to you (like ultimate submissive just doing what other ordered, route without reputation change) and come there to get your back, or tell that you liked here and ask mistress to let you stay here (-rep for current one and + rep for the one that have stolen you). There could be just events where mistress is telling you to do something and you might to do everything or choose if you want to complete your daily task or help mistress. And if your mistress will know about other tasks her reaction should depend on relationship with other mistress. Like if she is friend of her, she will be fine with you helping her(maybe even ignore that you haven’t done what she asked) and if you get good relation with two of the you will recieve some double trouble events combining both fetishes. But if she hates her – she will punish you if she find out that you helped her enemy. And other sub might actually tell her about it.
            Not sure about other subs, I think it’s possine that they might try to overpower you and force you to have some submissive sex with them too for a change, maybe try to put restraint devices when you aren’t looking around, throw aphrodisiac into a food/water for you. But when this happen it would be awesome to see them fail sometimes and get punished by mistress because of it.

  2. Do you have any other planned mechanics that dont have a with a gameplay that you still didn’t come up with? Maybe I will come up with something interesting.
    The reason why I am not very original with ideas for actual sex scenes and events – I am more into fantasy themed world and a little more “cruel” world where creatures doesn’t really give a shit about your rights and rules, not like when you are signing up for a job, even for a such bizzare place like The Fortress, Had a lot of ideas in mind about activities that may happen, adventures, misfortunes, sex scenes with ability of explain anything by “It’s magic, dont think about it”.

    1. I was thinking that in between days at The Fortress Subrina could have dream sequences that can include all sort of cool fantasy stuff – there, we can have more action packed and crazy game mechanics and visuals. Performance in those would affect the daytime game like a buff or debuff (if fail) as well as extra experience points and so on. We could even have another story line in the ‘dream world’. Maybe if Subrina goes to bed super horny or embarrassed for example, dream might have a status effect applied.

      Players would be able to select which kinds of ‘dreams’ they want Subrina to have / not have as an option so we can come up with all sorts of stuff that might not be for everybody.

      1. Yeah, I can certainly see the potential here. Like if you managed to fall asleep aroused as hell – you may recieve a dream of getting gangbanged by like 10 succubuses in a demon realm, or after spending most of your time in bondage and sleeping restrained you might get a dream of being in some kind of rubber world/latex facility, about sensory deprivation, latex transformations and various of these kind of kinks + while having these dreams you may notice certain personalities in it, remembering them and after every single new dream about this theme fidning out new details about them. And much later when game will have a lot of progress on development, maybe even closing to finishing new “questline” may appear – dream shenanigans. You will be able to buy a book how to cause certain dreams and you will have a quest to gather required items, gear, maybe even special furniture to sleep on or going to a very “spooky places” to sleep there. You will be able to get to these characters back and live in their world. And returning back will be after going through the “dream” questline less and less often untill it will be literally only if you want to go back and do real quests.

      2. BTW how you are planned to give me a link for a minigame to test, I believe there are no direct messages. Should I give you an email or you can see it because i’ve regged here?

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