Subrina – the slave

Slave Training Progress

We’ve been working on the RPG mechanics and skill tree background of our favourite slave – Subrina

Slave Stats – what will you chose to work on?

This week we have been working out how we can incorporate bondage role play into our lesbian sex slave RPG – so far we have come up with a number of skills and attributes. Can you guess what they are based on the screenshot? Each one has it’s own skill tree and affect on the world – not to mention the ability to interact with and please Mistress.

The User Interface is not finished, nor is the skill tree itself – there are so many aspects to the sub / dom relationship that we are still exploring that it might take a while – if you want to give us some ideas, feel free to send us a message or start a discussion in the comments.

Researching the Role(s)

We have been in contact with a number of bloggers such as from for expert advice, ideas and inspiration. If there are any in particular you would like us to consider or collaborate with, let us know.

Submissive Lesbian Slave Player

Subrina is evolving every day – whether it is with new actions, abilities or skills. Unlike most RPG characters, she does not have an agenda to pursue. Instead, she will be yours to mould and improve as you see fit.


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