RPG Elements – Pee Control

Subrina starts with a relatively ‘weak’ bladder – maybe it’s true, we will see what our team and audience have to say about that …

… in either case, at a certain point in this slaves career her Mistress(es) decide if and when – and eventually for how long at a time – she is allowed to pee (not to mention where and how)…

… considering she is an employee of ‘The Fortress’!. These are a number of advanced skills for a slave like Subrina to learn because time in The Fortress world moves quickly. Will vs biology lasts only as long as your training.

‘Mistress said I ‘might’ be allowed to pee after 1 PM’

Below is our first glimpse at the ‘Distress Timer’ aka ‘Oh…Shit!Timer’ – to be featured later in a post (most likely two or three weeks from now as it has multiple other elements attached to it)

The Distress Timer pulses whenever any of Subrinas Slave Stats are getting close to maxed out, therefore potentially either calling out The Safe Word aka LOST THE GAME! However if you have accumulated experience, Mistress Tolerance or some special attributes and skills, you might get out of this.

About to pee in panties … Should have asked for permission to take them off! (probably the stockings too)

Currently we are working with a game mechanic that allows Subrina some time before she ‘fails’ this particular status effect like this – it will depend on her currently named Stoicism Skill Tree that include the skill called Pain Threshold. Personally I think there’s more depth to add to this – anyone that wants to help me add to the conversation – feel free to post or PM

Do you want to see this in the game?


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