Coffee, Anyone?

One of Subrina’s first duties as a slave / executive assistant is to do her best to make sure her managers and Mistresses are happy and have all of their basic needs met. One of these is coffee.

Make sure you get to know which Mistress likes which type, and with how many sugars – otherwise you might trigger an ‘education event‘.

Dialogue Options – too shy to answer this time!

This is a game mechanic we are toying around with right now – that will likely be part of the Tutorial section of the game but might be extrapolated into other duties. It may seem simple enough, but on the way you may encounter many obstacles, choices (both moral and personal) as well as many other factors. Is there anyone around? Can you quickly sneak in something for yourself? Maybe Mistress won’t see…

Mistress Tracy wants her slave close


Have you discovered all the parts ‘The Fortress’ or are there other hidden areas you might be able to sneak into? Maybe you can hide in there, sneak in a toy or snack for later – or leave it for the next stage of your journey because it might get harder to manage your vices and desires later down the track – where the only way to stay in the game is to disobey – whether you want to or not.

‘Oh god – was it one sugar or two?!’


… what kind of slave will you be? Will it be enough?

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Do you want to see this in the game?


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