Mini-Game 02 – Inspections

Have you been a bad girl?

Some punishments are about having Subrina come a certain number of times – often in difficult circumstances – and if you fail to do so, well, I hope you saved your game earlier. One of the ways to make these mini-games easier is to stay horny. There are a few ways to do this, like leveling-up your imagination and nymph skills – but if you haven’t got that experience yet you may want to masturbate just a little. Be careful not to get caught – or inspected shortly after.

If you are spending your free time as Subrina masturbating to keep your horny level up or sneak in some orgasms then you might get into some trouble. Some Mistresses don’t take kindly to slaves that play with themselves without permission! At different times in the game Mistresses will be more inclined to inspect Subrina – and as the game progresses punishments will be harsher.

You will have to make some tough choices in order to be a good little slave.

Do you want to see this in the game?


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