Winning and Losing

One of the hardest things for us to work out has been what the conditions for winning or losing would be in Cupboard Slaves. Here are some ideas:

Losing (Safe Word)

  • Subrina being locked away for a certain amount of time (depending on the game difficulty and progress at the time) where stats and attributes such as hunger and lust would be permanently or temporarily affected
  • Points acquired for levelling-up or trading in for ‘treats’ and perks are lost
  • Incorporating a finite amount for a stat like ‘Will’ where if it runs out prior to completing the level or game, Subrina has to say the ‘safe word’ and the game is lost. Successfully completing objectives and mini-games may increase this stat allowing better and more experienced players to progress further in the game
  • Failing to please a Mistress personally at her home, dungeon or other venue may relegate Subrina to the previous level where she will have to clamour for her Mistress(es) affection once again

If you can’t handle the game, you will say the safe word. That’s what it’s for.


  • Upon making a bond with a Mistress character, completing objectives for her may lead to alternate endings of the game (relative to which Mistress is active) eg moving in with a Mistress as her partner. Progress towards one may make some (or all) of the others jealous – you may need to ask your Mistress for a reprieve or to move in with her.
  • Subrina completing the game successfully and leaving ‘The Fortress’ office with a profound understanding of herself and her sexuality, as well as an overall wiser and more humble person leading to greater things in life. The summary of her lessons listed at the end for a score in each of the ‘sub’ categories
  • Subrina using subterfuge mixed in with being a submissive sex slave finds a way to escape ‘The Fortress’ office with millions of dollars that she manages to figure out how to steal by being around the key people and items – if this is what you are going for, you better be over 21 years old …


It might hurt a little

Those of you who would like to contribute – let us know via comments or private message



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