GamePlay Video – Mistress Tracy and Mistress Lenette

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working on the mechanics and conversation matrix recently that will incorporate Mistress Tracy and Mistress Lenette interacting with Subrina in response to her actions and behavior. As Subrina you will have the freedom to act as you will, but if you upset your Mistress(es) you will be punished, and that will ‘set you back’ in various ways. Our supporters will get access to the videos first once it’s finished being edited, which will be in the next week or so.

So far what we will have in this first one will likely be:

  • Moving animations (walking, crawling, kneeling, cleaning ect.)
  • Mistress ‘catching’ Subrina doing something naughty and their response to it
  • Compulsory Orgasm mini-game

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