The ‘Fortress’ – First Level

The Fortress

The Fortress office is coming together. As it stands at the moment, this will be the first level of the game. We have started assembling the scenes and building elements like doors, gates, kitchens and bathrooms for our players and Mistresses to interact with. Our placement of furniture and overall design of the office, amenities and decorations is meant to elicit specific emotions from the player to enhance the experience.

The screenshot below is one of the developers debugging ‘line of sight’ for the Mistress characters to see if they can see our slave, Subrina. If she is doing something she is not permitted to do, or going somewhere she is not permitted to go … well, there are consequences. For access to videos featuring the mini-game punishments and other ALPHA components, sign up or contribute – for long term members this will grant you access to be the first to ALPHA / BETA test the game, as well as access to the consumer version months before it will be released.


The Fortress Office – coming together


Our supporters will get a deeper insight into how our Mistresses detect and act upon Subrinas actions like rewards, punishments and other behaviors. We have clearance to say this here – each Mistress will have her own personality and stats like dominance, anger, tolerance ect that will affect their attitude and mood, which will be relevant to how you and Subrina anger or appease them.

If you would like to offer your perspective on being a dom, sub or any other kind of ideas, please send us a message to get in touch. We are striving to make this the most realistic and immersive experience as possible – which means the more access to talent we have, the better.

Do you want to see this in the game?


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