Mini-Game 01 – Compulsory Orgasms

One of the earliest mini-games we have developed is a punishment mechanic of compulsory orgasms. In this scenario, Mistress Tracy has caught Subrina doing something naughty and has insisted on Subrina to have two orgasms before she can go.

The player must time her movements precisely in order to speed up – failure to keep up will case Subrina to lose balance and eventually have to start over. The faster you get, the harder it is to maintain speed and rhythm.

Subrinas status affects how quickly (if at all) she can manage this. Her stamina level and how horny she is at the time are two factors that will affect the mini-game. She has many stats and possible status effects that you will have to manage in order to succeed in this, the other bondage mini-games and overall world – so choose carefully.

This is important because while Subrina is engaged in this sort of punishment, the ‘Office Clock’ is ticking and her Mistress’ temperament is on the line. This ‘ Office Clock’ is another component of the overall gameplay we will cover in a later post where we will discuss slave training.

Do you want to see this in the game?


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