Virtual Reality Lesbian Porn RPG

We have recently acquired a number of Oculus CV1, Google Daydream and Samsung GearVR headsets with which we can begin to test a port of the ALPHA of Cupboard Slaves to virtual reality – possibly making it the only virtual reality lesbian porn RPG so far in the world.

The game mechanics are now also geared towards VR – with both 3rd and 1st person POV perspectives. We’ve also acquired the Oculus Touch Controller but not quite sure how to integrate it into the user experience just yet – just kidding! We have plenty of ideas 😉

Once idea we’ve heard is to include exclusive VR content for players that have virtual reality headsets on top of the regular game. This might be the way to go for the time being so as to not exclude or disadvantage non-VR players by weaving those mechanics and controls in with the traditional modalities. As always, any suggestions are welcome here or via post for registered users on our blog.

The POV Cunnilingus mini-game is one great example of VR content we’re working on.

Do you want to see this in the game? VR NSFW Content – VR Adult mini-games?


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