Ideas for RPG Elements – 02 – Office Bitch

As Subrina you will occasionally have opportunities to please her Mistress by:

  • Cleaning the offices / facilities
  • Offering compliments / debase self (if permitted to speak)
  • Offer to show her affection
  • Bring coffees and food when requested

There’s more to being a good slave than being obedient and looking pretty. In order to level-up and improve your standing as a lesbian slave you will need to exercise some initiative – but not too much! Mistress(es) will need to feel in control.

Each Mistress character has their own stats that affect how much dominance they need, how quickly they get angry, how much pain they will inflict if punishing Subrina and so on. As you interact with them you should get a sense of these and act accordingly.

Understanding Mistress’ proclivities will be one of the key components to being a good lesbian slave.

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