Ideas for RPG Elements – 01

One key element of most role playing games is the players ability to improve their character or avatar. In Cupboard Slaves, one of Sabrinas traits and stat trees is how horny she may get and why – as well as orgasm control.

Sex Slave Mini-Games

One of the mini-games we are developing involves her writing out a number of lines freehand while in a compromising situation (see below for one example). Spending too long in position will affect her speed and handwriting, while various forms of ‘cheating’ may get noticed by the Mistress and may result in a fail – and the associated consequences.

Subrina will engage in all sorts of lesbian slave training – including both training by a Mistress as well as practicing various skills and endurance.

Successful completion of the mini-game will yield rewards like status improvements in these areas as well as pleasing her Mistress.

Subrina writing ‘I’m a dirty little slut’


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