Good or Bad?

There have been a few individuals and groups which are not OK with how we are doing things and / or what our content is – which can drain our collective enthusiasm sometimes. We do apologise for any offence we have made by the criteria ‘offence’ is measured relative within the medium we have participated in, but never for what our goal is. Our goal is to create a game for those players that want to play it – which includes domination, submission, slave training, submissiveness as well as relationship building, consequences to choices made, neglect to duties and significant others etc. If you have any doubts about it, questions or feedback – we welcome any and all communication by any medium that we have offered up including private email, Ideas Board, participating on our blog or being a direct supporter.

If you don’t want to support our efforts, that’s OK – if the idea of this game interests you, just check in every now and then. The good news is, direct supporters are getting content updates every day until the end of 2018.

Scheduled Updates – Daily for Subscribers

We have daily unique exclusive content scheduled until the end of November, with plans in place to have at least one post with updates and screenshots, and videos every day until the end of the year. Some will be made public weeks and sometimes months later – for regular updates, don’t forget to sign up for the Parteon tier you want and / or sign up to our Ideas Board

Some of the themes include:

  • Cunnilingus Mini-Game screenshots (and access to play test once it’s ready by the end of November)
  • Polls for story choices like ‘Who will be punished this weekend’ with relevant screenshots to come for the winner
  • Spanking, foot worship etc
  • New characters


Jenny has failed.

Unfortunately for slave Jenny, she has failed in her role as Mistress Tracy’s assistant too many times recently. If you think it’s easy, it isn’t. The teaser video on what ‘Tipped Mistress Tracy over the edge’ will be available on the 14th of November for non-subscribers. Available now for Patreon supporters of all tiers. Don’t expect fireworks, this is a subtle story vignette.

However, if you want fireworks, you have but to ask here.

Time for Handover

Jenny has disappointed Mistress Tracy for the last time, now it’s Subrinas turn to take over the duties of personal assistant in the upcoming ALPHA tutorial section. Balance the job requirements with your own needs for 1 work day to pass and not get sent back to the cage – that’s where Jenny belongs now. Don’t make the same mistakes.

If you want to try out the NSFW bondage lesbian RPG with CYOA elements and real-time controls, stay tuned and sign up to our Ideas Board to register your interest.

Time to be let out?

Hi Team and visitors – don’t forget to make us known in your neck of the woods, and other places – the more people that know about this project the quicker we can get it finished, and get this cyoa bondage RPG out there for you to play. Us the row of social media and other tools on the bottom of this post to quickly share this site with reddit, via email etc

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