Public Download – Lesbian NSFW Bondage Mini-Game

Hi Team, we’ve decided to release the Orgasm Control mini-game from a while back, to everybody. We’ve come a long way since this one, but we thought it would be interesting to have a challenge to see who can last the longest. How many iterations can you handle?

This (and others) were never meant for a public release, but we thought you deserved a treat. Will Subrina be good … or not?

Subrina being spanked by Mistress Tracy

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Workplace Motivation – 3 New Characters

(closest to camera) Allie, Meryl and Rebecca

A taste of things to come. It’s been a bit quiet in The Fortress For the last little while, we haven’t had any new faces. While Sara is getting ready, we thought we’d introduce some newbies. How does this firm stay so profitable? The staff have the right motivation.

Meet (closest to camera) Allie, Meryl and Rebecca. 
They are thrilled to be part of team. Make them feel welcome!