Public Playable Mini-Game ALPHA 0.1

We’ve released our downloadable Cunnilingus mini-game for our Patreon tier supporters. These are very early stages of the mini-game. We’re not going to tell you Mistress Tracy’s pattern(s) just yet. See if you can figure it out. For the moment, the contactable positions are marked as cubes and light up green when triggered. This will likely be hidden in later releases for better realism / more challenge. There are also plenty of sound queues to indicate success / failure.

We’ve also been working on a playable tutorial that will soon be released as well (in the next week or so) that will include this mini-game and others so stay in touch and sign up if you want access to the download link etc.

Subrina’s POV Mode
3rd Person (Detached / Obedience view)

There will be a number of elements covered in the ALPHA tutorial like:

  • Conversation Mechanics
  • Movement and Controls (change positions, worship Mistress etc)
  • Sabrina’s status effects like ‘ Uncontrollably Horny’
  • Basics in Mistress interaction / management

“Yes Mistress!” – Be on Your Toes – NSFW RPG

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A big part of any relationship is good and constant communication – in our case, Mistress likes it when Subrina responds like a good submissive slave.

A new game mechanic we are introducing is the ability for the player to ‘respond’ to commands, comments and so on in a timely manner – failing to do it correctly might have some consequences, depending on the circumstances!

You will have to be strategic about it – it’s not just about being quick. How do you think your Mistress would feel if she heard you reply to someone else as ‘Mistress’? Some people at The Fortress can get a little jealous. Might be worth to take a nasty slap from someone (or worse) rather than risk ruining your more meaningful, long term relationship.

Don’t forget to vote – do you want to see this in the game?

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Merry Christmas From ‘The Fortress’

Merry Christmas everyone!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a quiet period at the office with most of our clients either away or closed for the break. What does that mean? Many more progress updates coming soon, and some playable ALPHAs will be released to our Patreon subscribers in early January.

“Merry Christmas, Mistress Lynnette.”

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xXxclusive Content Request 01

Hi Everyone, what would you like us to capture / record for you from the Cupboard Slaves development for Chistmas? If we’ve got the content or capability right now, we will do it for you. These will be available to all members of the blog

Some ideas:

  • Screenshots of Subrina / Mistress in positions (as requested by you)
  • Video of a mini-game
  • Video / Screenshots of a script (ie like this one)

And if you want to suggest your ideas for mini-games or other content, let us know – leave a comment on the blog or send an email to

Mini-Game – LickOut version 0.1

Hey gang, we’ve been working on a lot of different stuff over the past week but one of them has been the LickOut mini-game ALPHA that we’re almost ready to share with our Patreon subscribers – will be released there 23rd December

How does it work? Well, when engaged in the mini-game the player uses the mouse axes to move Subrina’s tongue around to make patterns over Mistress pussy.

Holding the Right Mouse Button thrusts the tongue forward, which is required to trigger certain points on the vagina. Be careful though, thrusting forward drains the tongue stamina, which will make you slower and moving around more difficult.

Each Mistress has her own patterns that she likes – will you be able to discover them? Doing the same thing over and over may make Mistress bored, and you don’t want that!

When you succeed a certain number of times, the pace will escalate and if you succeed in making Mistress come then you win. If Mistresss patience runs out before that happens, you lose.

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