RPG Elements – Pee Control

Subrina starts with a relatively ‘weak’ bladder – maybe it’s true, we will see what our team and audience have to say about that …

… in either case, at a certain point in this slaves career her Mistress(es) decide if and when – and eventually for how long at a time – she is allowed to pee (not to mention where and how)…

… considering she is an employee of ‘The Fortress’!. These are a number of advanced skills for a slave like Subrina to learn because time in The Fortress world moves quickly. Will vs biology lasts only as long as your training.

‘Mistress said I ‘might’ be allowed to pee after 1 PM’

Below is our first glimpse at the ‘Distress Timer’ aka ‘Oh…Shit!Timer’ – to be featured later in a post (most likely two or three weeks from now as it has multiple other elements attached to it)

The Distress Timer pulses whenever any of Subrinas Slave Stats are getting close to maxed out, therefore potentially either calling out The Safe Word aka LOST THE GAME! However if you have accumulated experience, Mistress Tolerance or some special attributes and skills, you might get out of this.

About to pee in panties … Should have asked for permission to take them off! (probably the stockings too)

Currently we are working with a game mechanic that allows Subrina some time before she ‘fails’ this particular status effect like this – it will depend on her currently named Stoicism Skill Tree that include the skill called Pain Threshold. Personally I think there’s more depth to add to this – anyone that wants to help me add to the conversation – feel free to post or PM

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Coffee, Anyone?

One of Subrina’s first duties as a slave / executive assistant is to do her best to make sure her managers and Mistresses are happy and have all of their basic needs met. One of these is coffee.

Make sure you get to know which Mistress likes which type, and with how many sugars – otherwise you might trigger an ‘education event‘.

Dialogue Options – too shy to answer this time!

This is a game mechanic we are toying around with right now – that will likely be part of the Tutorial section of the game but might be extrapolated into other duties. It may seem simple enough, but on the way you may encounter many obstacles, choices (both moral and personal) as well as many other factors. Is there anyone around? Can you quickly sneak in something for yourself? Maybe Mistress won’t see…

Mistress Tracy wants her slave close


Have you discovered all the parts ‘The Fortress’ or are there other hidden areas you might be able to sneak into? Maybe you can hide in there, sneak in a toy or snack for later – or leave it for the next stage of your journey because it might get harder to manage your vices and desires later down the track – where the only way to stay in the game is to disobey – whether you want to or not.

‘Oh god – was it one sugar or two?!’


… what kind of slave will you be? Will it be enough?

Let us know via post if you are a registered user on this blog, contributor or via private message

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Mini-Game 02 – Inspections

Have you been a bad girl?

Some punishments are about having Subrina come a certain number of times – often in difficult circumstances – and if you fail to do so, well, I hope you saved your game earlier. One of the ways to make these mini-games easier is to stay horny. There are a few ways to do this, like leveling-up your imagination and nymph skills – but if you haven’t got that experience yet you may want to masturbate just a little. Be careful not to get caught – or inspected shortly after.

If you are spending your free time as Subrina masturbating to keep your horny level up or sneak in some orgasms then you might get into some trouble. Some Mistresses don’t take kindly to slaves that play with themselves without permission! At different times in the game Mistresses will be more inclined to inspect Subrina – and as the game progresses punishments will be harsher.

You will have to make some tough choices in order to be a good little slave.

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What is ‘The Fortress’?

Hi Guys,

Check out our new page on the main the main setting of the game (so far) – ‘ The Fortress’

Fortress – Main Setting

Bios for our Mistress characters are on the way – stay tuned for updates on at least one in the next week or so.

As always, your input to her personality, attributes, history or anything else you’d like to throw into the mix would be highly appreciated. For content that you would definitely want to see in the game – see our Contribution page

Character Bio – Subrina – Lesbian Sex Slave

Hi Guys,

Check out our new page on the main character of the game – Subrina the lesbian sex slave.

Subrina – Player Character (slave)

Bios for our Mistress characters are on the way – stay tuned for updates on at least one in the next week or so.

As always, your input to her personality, attributes, history or anything else you’d like to throw into the mix would be highly appreciated. For content that you would definitely want to see in the game – see our Contribution page

‘Mistress said I might be able to pee after 1 PM’

Winning and Losing

One of the hardest things for us to work out has been what the conditions for winning or losing would be in Cupboard Slaves. Here are some ideas:

Losing (Safe Word)

  • Subrina being locked away for a certain amount of time (depending on the game difficulty and progress at the time) where stats and attributes such as hunger and lust would be permanently or temporarily affected
  • Points acquired for levelling-up or trading in for ‘treats’ and perks are lost
  • Incorporating a finite amount for a stat like ‘Will’ where if it runs out prior to completing the level or game, Subrina has to say the ‘safe word’ and the game is lost. Successfully completing objectives and mini-games may increase this stat allowing better and more experienced players to progress further in the game
  • Failing to please a Mistress personally at her home, dungeon or other venue may relegate Subrina to the previous level where she will have to clamour for her Mistress(es) affection once again

If you can’t handle the game, you will say the safe word. That’s what it’s for.


  • Upon making a bond with a Mistress character, completing objectives for her may lead to alternate endings of the game (relative to which Mistress is active) eg moving in with a Mistress as her partner. Progress towards one may make some (or all) of the others jealous – you may need to ask your Mistress for a reprieve or to move in with her.
  • Subrina completing the game successfully and leaving ‘The Fortress’ office with a profound understanding of herself and her sexuality, as well as an overall wiser and more humble person leading to greater things in life. The summary of her lessons listed at the end for a score in each of the ‘sub’ categories
  • Subrina using subterfuge mixed in with being a submissive sex slave finds a way to escape ‘The Fortress’ office with millions of dollars that she manages to figure out how to steal by being around the key people and items – if this is what you are going for, you better be over 21 years old …


It might hurt a little

Those of you who would like to contribute – let us know via comments or private message



GamePlay Video – Mistress Tracy and Mistress Lenette

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working on the mechanics and conversation matrix recently that will incorporate Mistress Tracy and Mistress Lenette interacting with Subrina in response to her actions and behavior. As Subrina you will have the freedom to act as you will, but if you upset your Mistress(es) you will be punished, and that will ‘set you back’ in various ways. Our supporters will get access to the videos first once it’s finished being edited, which will be in the next week or so.

So far what we will have in this first one will likely be:

  • Moving animations (walking, crawling, kneeling, cleaning ect.)
  • Mistress ‘catching’ Subrina doing something naughty and their response to it
  • Compulsory Orgasm mini-game

The ‘Fortress’ – First Level

The Fortress

The Fortress office is coming together. As it stands at the moment, this will be the first level of the game. We have started assembling the scenes and building elements like doors, gates, kitchens and bathrooms for our players and Mistresses to interact with. Our placement of furniture and overall design of the office, amenities and decorations is meant to elicit specific emotions from the player to enhance the experience.

The screenshot below is one of the developers debugging ‘line of sight’ for the Mistress characters to see if they can see our slave, Subrina. If she is doing something she is not permitted to do, or going somewhere she is not permitted to go … well, there are consequences. For access to videos featuring the mini-game punishments and other ALPHA components, sign up or contribute – for long term members this will grant you access to be the first to ALPHA / BETA test the game, as well as access to the consumer version months before it will be released.


The Fortress Office – coming together


Our supporters will get a deeper insight into how our Mistresses detect and act upon Subrinas actions like rewards, punishments and other behaviors. We have clearance to say this here – each Mistress will have her own personality and stats like dominance, anger, tolerance ect that will affect their attitude and mood, which will be relevant to how you and Subrina anger or appease them.

If you would like to offer your perspective on being a dom, sub or any other kind of ideas, please send us a message to get in touch. We are striving to make this the most realistic and immersive experience as possible – which means the more access to talent we have, the better.

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Mini-Game 01 – Compulsory Orgasms

One of the earliest mini-games we have developed is a punishment mechanic of compulsory orgasms. In this scenario, Mistress Tracy has caught Subrina doing something naughty and has insisted on Subrina to have two orgasms before she can go.

The player must time her movements precisely in order to speed up – failure to keep up will case Subrina to lose balance and eventually have to start over. The faster you get, the harder it is to maintain speed and rhythm.

Subrinas status affects how quickly (if at all) she can manage this. Her stamina level and how horny she is at the time are two factors that will affect the mini-game. She has many stats and possible status effects that you will have to manage in order to succeed in this, the other bondage mini-games and overall world – so choose carefully.

This is important because while Subrina is engaged in this sort of punishment, the ‘Office Clock’ is ticking and her Mistress’ temperament is on the line. This ‘ Office Clock’ is another component of the overall gameplay we will cover in a later post where we will discuss slave training.

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Virtual Reality Lesbian Porn RPG

We have recently acquired a number of Oculus CV1, Google Daydream and Samsung GearVR headsets with which we can begin to test a port of the ALPHA of Cupboard Slaves to virtual reality – possibly making it the only virtual reality lesbian porn RPG so far in the world.

The game mechanics so far are not geared towards VR – seeing as it’s a 3rd person controlled RPG most of the time but we will experiment with augmenting the game experience with this technology. We’ve also acquired the Oculus Touch Controller but not quite sure how to integrate it into the user experience just yet.

Once idea we’ve heard is to include exclusive VR content for players that have virtual reality headsets on top of the regular game. This might be the way to go for the time being so as to not exclude or disadvantage non-VR players by weaving those mechanics and controls in with the traditional modalities. As always, any suggestions are welcome here or via post for registered users on our blog.

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