Playable Mini-Game released to Members

We’ve released the ALPHA of the playable mini-game ALPHA to our website and forum members aka Initiates

Originally released 23rd December 2017 to Patreon Supporters / 23rd February 2018 to Cupboard Slaves members this is a very early release of the playable cunnilingus mini-game. We’ve made considerable progress since then but are releasing this rough concept draft for our members to play with. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the current progress on the playable tutorial release, coming soon to Patreon supporters. If you would like to have early access to play test, offer feedback and make content requests then sign up.

Most playable content will be reserved for our loyal Patreon supporters aka Masters, but we will be releasing teasers like this to Initiates on occasion – but much later and most likely limited. Some content may even end up publicly available, but that will be later still.

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Lesbian Slave Training

One of the mini-games we will be introducing in the ALPHA playable tutorial is the orgasm control / dildo riding game. The player (Subrina) will be required to time her movements in order to come close to orgasm – so that when Mistress commands, it will be possible to achieve. Be careful not to overdo it however, because if Subrina gets too horny and close to orgasm, she might not be able to help herself and come without permission.

Increasing the stats in the slut skill tree and practising orgasm control in ‘spare time’ will make the mini-game easier based on the skill increase. But is it worth spending precious time on this over the other stats? You’ll find out when it’s time to play.

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Lesbian Slave Blog – Training Is Imminent

Tracy is getting serious …

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the delay but we have had some significant security concerns recently that we have had to prioritise resolving over developing our tutorial ALPHA – but after a month and a half it seems to have stabilised and we can continue normal operations.

As always, your support and contribution is much appreciated – the more you share your ideas with us and the other members, the quicker we can proceed with The Fortress project. Registration here is only a countermeasure against bots and spammers. We’re not sending spam or collecting info. If you like, send your feedback directly to


Concept Art – Comic Page 4 of 6 – Lesbian Slave Art

Here’s page Four from the ‘Performance Review‘ lesbian hentai series. There are two more to go! Check out the earlier post for the first two pages. We’re looking for people that can fill in what Tracy and Subrina would be saying – so we can recruit them to help with the in-game dialogue! We love lesbian slave art of all kinds, be it visual or written fiction.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Subrinas Lesbian Slave Blog

One of Subrinas (and therefore the players) tasks will be to write in her lesbian slave blog / journal.

This is how she will remember positions, improve her stats like pain tolerance and orgasm control and so on. She will not only receive lesbian slave training from her Mistress and others, but will also be able to practice skills in her spare time – if she has earned some.

Stay tuned for further updates as we are very close to releasing a playable ‘Office Bitch’ ALPHA tutorial where Subrina is dominated by Mistress Tracy first thing in the morning. Will she be a better slave today and please her Mistress this time? That’s up to our ALPHA testers

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