Merry Christmas From ‘The Fortress’

Merry Christmas everyone!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a quiet period at the office with most of our clients either away or closed for the break. What does that mean? Many more progress updates coming soon, and some playable ALPHAs will be released to our Patreon subscribers in early January.

“Merry Christmas, Mistress Lynnette.”

Don’t forget to sign up to the blog for access to some exclusive content. Of coarse our Patreon members get access to that and more as well as perks like play-testing mini-games and access to ALPHA / BETA releases as they come in.

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xXxclusive Content Request 01

Hi Everyone, what would you like us to capture / record for you from the Cupboard Slaves development for Chistmas? If we’ve got the content or capability right now, we will do it for you. These will be available to all members of the blog

Some ideas:

  • Screenshots of Subrina / Mistress in positions (as requested by you)
  • Video of a mini-game
  • Video / Screenshots of a script (ie like this one)

And if you want to suggest your ideas for mini-games or other content, let us know – leave a comment on the blog or send an email to

Mini-Game – LickOut version 0.1

Hey gang, we’ve been working on a lot of different stuff over the past week but one of them has been the LickOut mini-game ALPHA that we’re almost ready to share with our Patreon subscribers – will be released there 23rd December – short teaser video for blog subscribers and Patreons on the 15th December

How does it work? Well, when engaged in the mini-game the player uses the mouse axes to move Subrina’s tongue around to make patterns over Mistress pussy.

Holding the Right Mouse Button thrusts the tongue forward, which is required to trigger certain points on the vagina. Be careful though, thrusting forward drains the tongue stamina, which will make you slower and moving around more difficult.

Each Mistress has her own patterns that she likes – will you be able to discover them? Doing the same thing over and over may make Mistress bored, and you don’t want that!

When you succeed a certain number of times, the pace will escalate and if you succeed in making Mistress come then you win. If Mistresss patience runs out before that happens, you lose.

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Early Christmas Presents

It’s not Christmas yet but Subrina already has some new presents to please her lesbian Mistress. What will she find under the tree? Pain and pleasure? One in the same for our favourite slave lesbian girl.

New Collar and Nipple Piercings


We’ve gone ahead and begun constructing a mini-game as per the suggestion in our blog – great idea! Aiming to complete an ALPHA version over the weekend, we might even have a new video to put out. If we deem the end result worthy, we will publish the playable mini-game to our Subscribers of the relevant Tiers.

Crawling around with both dildos … must he difficult. Maybe new game mechanic?

Do you want to see this in the game?

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Stay tuned for some Christmas lesbian action as we decorate the Fortress office to suit the festive season. As most of our customers go on holidays over the Christmas / New Year period we will be able to dedicate more resources than ever to the development of our Cupboard Slaves game. It’s evolving quickly with new ideas pouring in, development threads coming together and so on. If you’ve considered making yourself heard and putting some ideas forward, now is the time.

Sex Slave RPG – Lesbian Slave Training

Hello everyone,

Don’t forget to check out our first publicly available teaser video.

It’s always exciting to see that we have more and more members joining up to see the progress of our sex slave RPG. If you’re a fan of the genre – wouldn’t you like to set up your own slave training?

We had a team meeting this morning to try and figure out how we can use what we’re doing to give back to the community (after all, our ultimate objective here is to create an MVP out of a 3rd person BDSM RPG where you play as the submissive). We’ve heard from a handful of people that would love to assist us with what we need, but lack the skills / experience do do it. Well, one of our round-table ideas was to see if the general community would like us to create some short how-to videos!

For example:

  • set up and (rig) a 3D model with a skeleton (armature)
  • fully animate the 3D model using that armature
  • weight painting (assign the amount of control each bone has over the parts of the model)
  • programming – using code to execute actions in the game
Resting and Reflecting

If you would like to learn how to do that or any other game component through the lens of bondage, BDSM, lesbian slaves (or anything else in context with what we’re about here) then let us know. If there are enough takers, we can make this into a short series on game creation that our members can enjoy and apply in any game creation / 3D animation situation they like.

We’re aiming to make these videos free for any member of our forumand any contributors.

If we get 50 ‘Yes’ Votes, we will get started! So tell us what you want and you might just get it in time for Christmas!

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Teaser Video Number One – Lesbian Slave RPG

Hello everyone and welcome to our first teaser video for our lesbian slave RPG Cupboad Slaves – mainly featuring our main playable character Subrina but also Mistress Tracy who will soon have her own feature video – click here to enlarge / download the MP4

Upcoming videos:

  • Teaser 1.2 – 5th December
  • Teaser 1.3 – 15th December

This is just teaser – we’ve taken out the user interface to record this more as a little vignette than actual gameplay footage. At the moment our goal for this video was to capture some live content and have a video to accompany the multiple screenshots and posts that we currently have on the blog.

Once we tighten up some of the animations and player controls we will not only be able to produce lesbian virtual reality porn for the fans, but give our players the ability to do the same. Combining the lesbian slave RPG concept with a real-time 3rd person action style game with a free floating camera will certainly make for some interesting material down the track.

If you have any requests for what you would like to see next, don’t hesitate to send us a message or leave a comment here.

Some of the elements we can record and show for you:

  • Player stats UI and it’s affects. Increasing Subrinas stamina, endurance and will power will affect her ability to interact with NPCs and the overall word of The Fortress
  • Conversations with Mistress Tracy with dialogue trees and consequences
  • A few moments in ‘a day in the life of a mistress’ here on Cupboard Slaves
  • What happens if permission to pee is not given, and Subrina runs out of options!

Subrina – the slave

Slave Training Progress

We’ve been working on the RPG mechanics and skill tree background of our favourite slave – Subrina

Slave Stats – what will you chose to work on?

This week we have been working out how we can incorporate bondage role play into our lesbian sex slave RPG – so far we have come up with a number of skills and attributes. Can you guess what they are based on the screenshot? Each one has it’s own skill tree and affect on the world – not to mention the ability to interact with and please Mistress.

The User Interface is not finished, nor is the skill tree itself – there are so many aspects to the sub / dom relationship that we are still exploring that it might take a while – if you want to give us some ideas, feel free to send us a message or start a discussion in the comments.

Researching the Role(s)

We have been in contact with a number of bloggers such as from for expert advice, ideas and inspiration. If there are any in particular you would like us to consider or collaborate with, let us know.

Submissive Lesbian Slave Player

Subrina is evolving every day – whether it is with new actions, abilities or skills. Unlike most RPG characters, she does not have an agenda to pursue. Instead, she will be yours to mould and improve as you see fit.